The advantages of Hardness Tester NOVOTEST T-UD3:

  • Hardness measurement of any mass products with a thickness of 1 mm – inaccessible to the dynamic (Leeb) hardness testers (small parts, thinwalled structures, pipes, tanks, steel sheets, articles of complex shape, hardness control of metal coatings, etc.)
  • Small imprint after measuring (mirror surfaces of shafts necks, blades, gear teeth, etc.)
  • Measuring the hardness of the surface hardened layer
  • Wide range of hardness
  • Various measurement modes
  • Calibration of any scale in any range
  • Convenience and ease of measurement
  • Large full color graphic display with bright back-lighting
  • Automatic recognition of probe
  • Indication of the type of connected probe
  • Calibrations stored in memory of probe
  • Extended temperature range (frost, down to - 40°C)
  • Internal memory and communication with PC
  • new, intuitive menu with tips on the buttons
  • Optional wireless mini printer
  • Water resistant case
  • Rubber bumper protected case


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