Xraman, our advanced prototype developed to achieve a perfect combination of complementary techniques XRF and Raman on the same spot in position ad size. This instrument has been engineered to be absolutely portable and to be able to work on site with standard atmospheric conditions.

IRIS is the brand new advanced prototype system designed to combine XRF and NIR imaging information. The system has been designed to be very flexible and portable capable to work onsite on samples of any dimension and shape.

A new combined portable open beam XRF-XRD system for contemporary compositional and structural study of art objects. The point of measurement is exactly the same as a single excitation source is used while measurements are performed on two separate state of the art detectors.

Is an innovative portable spectrometer designed to performin-situ, fast and non-destructive combined elemental and chemical structural analyses, by the complementary EDXRF and XRD techniques.

In particular, the system has been developed specifically for cultural heritage application and it is a brand-new advanced prototype solution from the Bruker Engineering Special labs. The output information delivered by the instrument includes both XRF spectrum and XRD diffraction patterns from the same analysis point.

Hydra comes with a software for complete instrument control, XRF spectra and XRD diffractogram visualization and export in various formats.

The M6 JETSTREAM expands the capabilities of micro-XRF to large and heavy samples in many fields of scientific research. Often, the size and fragility of such samples only allows horizontal positioning and measurements in top-down geometry. The flexibility of the M6 JETSTREAM opens up the possibility to create compositional overview images of samples ranging from fossils over geological samples to technical components. This allows measurements previously only possible at synchrotron facilities.

Micro-XRF on large samples (also called macro-XRF or MA-XRF) has become a decisive method for the analysis of paintings, geological samples, archeological artifacts and industrial components. The M6 JETSTREAM drives these analyses to the highest speed and accuracy. With its mobile wheelbase and adjustable frame, the M6 JETSTREAM can be used on-site instead of transporting the sample to the lab.

It can measure upright samples or horizontal surfaces with scannable area up to 800 x 600 mm². Dual detectors can be mounted in M6 Jetstream to help the user get a lot of information and improved scan speed.

Micro-XRF is the method of choice for highly sensitive and non-destructive elemental analysis of diverse samples, including inhomogeneous and irregularly shaped specimens.

The M4 TORNADO is a versatile instrument for fast and accurate high-resolution analysis of both small and large specimens. Samples require little or even no preparation at all for examination.

With M4 Tornado Plus can measure from Carbon upwards. With AMICS software it can automated identify mineralogy of geological samples.

Fast scan and get a lot of information with dual detectors. It also can do an empirical calibration using customer’s CRM. In Archaeology, it can identify fossils and other historical items such as paintings and statues.

CRONO is a mobile and reconfigurable fast micro-XRF scanner. Based on the EDXRF technique, it has been designed for in-situ, non-destructive and highspeed examination of large objects.

The XRF components are fully integrated into a compact measurement head and allow the detection of elements in the range from Na to U with good efficiency even in the region below 2 keV and above 25 keV (e.g. Sn, Sb, and Ba K-edge emissions).
The measurement head is mounted on a motorized stage that allows for up to 60 cm x 45 cm scanning area. The motorized frame and the support trolley can be easily dismantled for transportation. CRONO can be turned into a portable spot XRF device by installing the measurement head on a light tripod.

The system works in a complete non-contact mode with an optimum focus distance of 5 – 7 mm from the sample. The analysis area is always under control thanks to several monitoring systems.

Taylor Hobson merupakan manufaktur untuk instrument pengukuran Roundness, Form, dan Surface Finish untuk dapat memahami karakteristik dari materials seperti Surface Roughness, Contour, Form, Radius, Roundness, Straightness, dan Harmonic Analysis yang dapat memberikan informasi vital untuk meningkat desain produk, manufaktur produk, dan performa dari komponen.

Alat Coating Thickness Gauge ini dengan merk DEMEQ terdiri dari model QC. Model QC yang dibagi menjadi 3 model.

QC5 Series

Model ini merupakan model yang tertinggi dengan spesifikasi yang tinggi. Dapat mengukur dengan identifikasi material secara otomatis mengenali substrate Ferrous ataupun Non-Ferrous, dan 32000 data memory.

QC3 Series

Model ini merupakan Coating Thickness dengan spesifikasi berada dibawah dari model QC5. Dapat mengukur Ferrous dan Non Ferrous substrate. Mampu menyimpan hingga 5000 data memory.

QC2 Series

Model ini merupakan model basic dari Jenis Coating Thickness Gauge yang ada di DEMEQ.

Alat Ultrasonic Wall Thickness & Corrosion Gauge ini dengan merk DEMEQ terdiri dari model QS. Model QS yang dibagi menjadi 3 model.

QS5 Series

Model ini merupakan model yang tertinggi dengan spesifikasi yang tinggi. B-Scans Graphic, Coupling Level Indicator, Corrosion Detector, Echo-Echo dapat mengukur Thru-Paint, dan 32000 data memory.

QS3 Series

Model ini merupakan Wall Thickness dengan spesifikasi berada dibawah dari model QS5. Dapat mengukur Baja, Plastik, Kaca, dan Keramik (tergantung dari transducer). Mampu menyimpan hingga 5000 data memory.

QS2 Series

Model ini merupakan model basic dari Jenis Wall Thickness yang ada di DEMEQ.

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