JM series wireless borescope is a versatile tool for non-destructive inspection. This compact and handy device equips with wireless transmission, 3.5” TFT LCD for instant image display. It supports video recording and photo snap function. There are various probes interchangeable for different application.


Wireless Transmission

  • Up to 20m Inspection distance (depends on the environment)
  • 3.5 TFT LCD
  • 3.5 " Extra-wide view angle and clear TFT LCD, protected by oil and scratch resistant glass.

Snap shot and video recording

  • Snap still images(640x480)
  • Records QVGA resolution (320x240) videos.
  • Instant playback review.
  • SD Card Storage (Max: 32GB)

LED brightness adjustment

  • High brightness white LED with intensity adjustment.

AV out

  • Support live image on TV monitor.

Zoom in and mirror

  • 2X Digital Zoom and horizontal mirror image adjustment.

Long duty hour

  • Rechargeable internal Li-Polymer battery lasts for four hours.

Insert Tube options

  • VGA Resolution, Function Upgrade Probes (JMVS Series) : Φ6.0mm, Φ5.5mm
  • Two way Articulation probes : Φ6.0mm
  • Front or Side Camera probes : Φ3.9mm, Φ5.5mm Dual-cameras Probes : Φ4.9mm

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