"It‘s a kind of fun to do the impossible" (Walt Disney)

This quote became our motto during the development of the best spark spectrometer: Q8 Magellan! a system that can read up to 1000 single sparks in up to 128 channels simultaneously; time-re- solved spectroscopy with up to 4 gating times per channel; a light-efficient optical system with 750 mm focal length, and a high resolution grating with 2400 or 3600 grooves/mm; a reciprocal dispersion of 0.26 nm/mm in second order.

These are some of the benchmarks that Q8 Magellan is setting. never before a spark spectrometer offered such far reaching possibilities to give you outstanding performance in metal analysis!

The re-definition of premium

Q8 Magellan offers all the features that define a premium spark spectrometer:

  • improved vacuum optic concept
  • turbo-molecular pump available
  • air-conditioned temperature stabilisation for rough environments
  • digital plasma generator
  • channeltron photomultiplier technology
  • unrestricted single-spark detection
  • time-resolved spectroscopy for every channel with up to four gatings
  • heavy duty, low-maintenance spark stand with co-axial argon technology
  • optimised argon system with argonStop© feature
  • comprehensive software package

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